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Expert in business networking

We support decision makers and partners to accelerate their business

"Our mission and core value : connecting businesses since

At lesBigBoss we offer contractors the opportunity to meet partners outside their comfort zone to enhance exchanges.


This concept was born from a desire to bring together decision-makers, project leaders and
partners in a human and pleasant way.
«We are convinced that "the business as it should be" is the one where people meet outside
their environment and take time to exchange together on the right issues.» 

Hervé Bloch, Founder, lesBigBoss


Photo d'Hervé Bloch, fondateur de lesBigBoss


We believe in being a digital booster, a business facilitator



Notre ambition proposer des événements clé-en-main



Our mission

  • To offer turnkey events.
  • To gather and federate a community.
  • To inform, to raise awareness with strong content around market news. 
  • To accelerate your business: with a customized agenda and qualified datings before the events thanks to a matchmaking algorithm.
  • To measure your ROI: the evaluation of each meeting.


Les pilliers de la marque lesBigBoss


Our 3 cornerstones

  1. 7-minute sessions, affinity meetings to accelerate your business.
  2. Formal and informal exchanges to develop your network and share with your peers.
  3. Premium business content hosted by our experts, conferences, workshops, to keep
    up with the latest market news.


les communautés business des BigBoss


Our communities 

  • Decision makers : project leaders who gather to exchange with partners and peers to discover new solutions, network and learn about market trends.
  • Partners : these experts present their services and innovative solutions, develop their network and generate new business
  • Media & institutions :  market, media, institutional and organizational experts who are part of the ecosystem to bring a vision, inform and relay


Our commitment is to advance your business by building strong human relationships.

Building on the success and proven performance of its model, the lesBigBoss brand has actively diversified into new "functional" territories to bring its business expertise to new communities of decision makers.

«lesBigBoss offers multiple development opportunities for its business and its network! The company's promise is now being expanded to include services and the creation of premium content to strengthen its ties with communities and provide more keys to efficiency.»

Alexandre Nobécourt, Managing Director Communities & Content


Alexandre Nobécourt, DGA Communautés & Contenus



"Full business events, performance oriented" 

Our community testifies in video.



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They mentioned us


"lesBigBoss, the "LinkedIn of the real world", dreams of being the European leader"

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"Digilinx, parent company of BigBoss, raises €18 million to weave its web of
B2B events in Europe"

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"We want to develop the LesBigBoss brand in France and internationally"

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les echos

"Digilinx meetings boost businesses"

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The BigBoss Team 




Join the team

All the BigBoss Team

In a nutshell, the lesBigBoss brand is :

• A know-how in business networking since 2011
• A business facilitator for decision makers and their partners
• A digital booster for CAC 40, SBF and major companies



In figures : 
110+ events
604 partners
4 017 invited decision makers with projects
• €18M raised from Montefiore Investment
• More than €100M€ in business volume generated by partners


And above all, dedicated teams, ready to listen to you.
For solution partners : sales@lesbigboss.fr
For decision-makers and project leaders : bigboss@lesbigboss.fr


lesBigBoss winner in the One-to-One category at the Modern Selling 2020 Gold Cases


lesBigBoss won the 2018 B2B Marketing Grand Prize trophy

We were recognized for our innovative event format in comparison to our historical

The founder, Hervé Bloch, was awarded the prize for Best Event. A consecration for a format created 5 years ago. The jury composed of 25 experts deliberated on May 31, 2018 to designate the finalists in each of the 12 categories.

For that of the Best Event the criterion used was the format that allows the most qualified business contacts and meetings between peers.

lesBigBoss (Digilinx) was competing in this category against Marketing Meetings (WeYou) and OneToOne Monaco (Comexposium).

Grand Prix du Marketing B2B remporté par lesBigBoss


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