What is a sponsor ?

Sponsors are service providers who work towards digital advancement. Their subjects include around 20 themes, such as digital activation, advertising, responsive web design, CRMs, conversion, social media, influencers, brand content, digital transformation, or even Artificial Intelligence. Our sponsors’ ambition is to accompany our big bosses as strategic providers, capable of answering to a strong level of functional criticality. Sponsors are gems from the French Tech such as AB Tasty, Ametix, Lengow as well major actors like Google, Webhelp, Salesforce, who need to spend time with decision-makers, who are their future clients.

Why become a sponsor ?

BigBosses events are business accelerators. In three days, in particular during the speed datings, you will achieve the equivalent of six months of prospecting. You are going to create strong relations with future clients, who will enable you to score extra points or to make a difference in future exchanges. It is in the service providers’ interests – especially if they see competitors present at the event – to position themselves in order to share an atypical moment and carry out constructive exchanges, valued relations.

How do I become a sponsor ?

To become a sponsor, you must send an application. After studying the different subjects and themes (to check that the functionnal perimeter of your activity and the current needs of the big bosses match), as well as your complete offer, the BigBosses team will happily welcome you to our events. A subject can absolutely be covered head-on by two competitors, but it can be limited beyond that, depending on the big bosses needs.

The Linx Model : how does it work ?

Based on our virtual currency, Linx is a consumption unit allowing you all year round to participate in our events as often you need. With 40 events planned for 2019, the Linx model has already convinced 100 sponsors, who define a yearly budget, in order to develop up to 40% of their new contracts.

This long-term collaboration pulls its benefits from 4 engagements based on :

- Simplicity : subscription is an automatic renewal with possible deferments from year to year and customizable billing ;
- Transparency : you have access to a direct interface with our event participants ;
- Flexibility : with Linx, your allowances are variable depending on your needs ;
- Efficiency : our Customer Success Manager will assist you all year long, including  to relaunch promising deals

Sponsors speeches

Samuel Bokobza

Fondateur et Associé

Nabil Ben Hadid

Directeur Général et Fondateur

Gwénaëlle Brémilts

Responsable Developpement Commercial

Vincent Klingbeil


Grégory Nicolaidis


Alex Chinon

CEO et Co-fondateur