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Sales Acceleration
& Networking

« Alone we go fast, together we go far... »

Building on the success of the BigBoss Academy which certified more than 100 sales managers from partner companies in the smart selling attitude, the Circle by lesBigBoss aims to meet a real demand for year-round promotions in business acceleration. A cycle of 10 annual meetings of connection, networking & training to allow partners members to get inspired, connect and perform in the long term.

This circle of trust aims to accompany its members to become business elites with coaching, mentoring, network development through recommendation and cross-fertilization, within an ecosystem with a human and complementary dimension.

“Relying on the power of the community to perform over time!”


New training program
Group training
Individual coaching
Personal development


Inspiring Conferences & Expert Workshops


Exclusive networking
Moments of sharing
Exchange of connections
Networking & recommendations

Join leCercle

10 meetings per year, 2 formats

Breakfast meetings in a "happy few" way with business news, mutual help, connection &
recommendations, training workshop, formation and simulation.
Oenological evenings focused on inspiration and networking with all the members and
emblematic guest decision-makers and a visionary keynote at the opening.

A network of experts

Whether you want to learn about social selling and content marketing, work on your public speaking skills, do media training, work on your personal development or exchange ideas with a mentor, the Cercle Performance has a large network of experts and professionals who can help you achieve your goals.

The Cercle Performance relies on a community of more than 7,000 decision makers from major brands, 700 partner companies and an important start-up ecosystem.

Photos Gwenaelle


« The alchemy of success is the one that feeds on the collective and experiences »

Gwénaëlle Brémilts, Educational Manager of the BigBoss Academy, leCerclePerformance Manager